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Anna Zorina Gallery is proud to present Reincarnations, a group exhibition featuring artworks created from unexpected media. The materials with a defined utilitarian use are transformed and revived through undertaking a creative purpose. Recontextualized into a painting and sculpture highlights the inherent beauty that underlies the dominant function of each reclaimed element. By defying the initial intention of the original items, the artists call attention to the ease at which objects are deemed disposable, thus reminding viewers to take a deeper look.

BRADLEY HART’s paintings depict pixelated images. Close inspection reveals the pixel effect to be enabled by the unusual support of bubble wrap. The material used to protect paintings takes on a new role through Hart’s artistic intervention that includes the painstaking process of injecting each bubble with a daub of paint. Any left over media from this series is recycled. The salvaged paint drippings are used in subsequent series to create an oeuvre of chain-reactions. This systematic approach facilitates a sustainable studio practice.

ALEXANDER KALETSKI finds inspiration in the vast array of discarded cardboard boxes. The disposable items hold potential to become carriers of the painter’s creative vision. Mr. Cigar is the unique variant on the use of cardboard, in this work the artist incorporates the logos from the cedar cigar boxes to represent features such as teeth or epaulettes. Through applying spontaneous brushstrokes, the sleek packaging takes on a distinctive and witty personality.

HANS SCHEIB embarked on his artistic career knowing he would work with bronze. However, at that time in East Berlin the media was scarce and expensive. Instead, Scheib found discarded wooden roof beams from demolished homes to be the ideal substitute. Carving expressive figures endows the reclaimed wood with new life and vital spirit. A practice initiated out of necessity proved to be a fateful step.

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